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This week's Designer News - No 677 - includes All Things AI, What is a Design System?, Top Pens of 2022 on CodePen, Unicopy, Tree Views in CSS, CSS Style Queries, Why Web Performance Still Matters in ...

Jan 13, 2023

Managing our colors can truly help people to access our content. In this article, Brecht de Ruyte takes a deep dive into how we can create a high-contrast system while maintaining a balance between de...

Jan 26, 2023

JavaScript’s greatest strength is its ability to accept user information and process it within the browser. As such, it is a wise coder who spends time learning to read user input and employ the...

Jan 21, 2023

Latest PECL Releases:protobuf 3.22.0RC1 * See github.com/protocolbuffers/protobuf/releases/tag/v22.0-rc-1 for release notes. sqlsrv 5.11.0beta1 [Added] - Support for PHP 8.2 [Fixed] - ...

Jan 31, 2023

Image Source: Freepik.com Want to simplify reporting and analysis in LearnDash? Are you looking for an easy way to report on your learners? Do you want in-depth insights into how a particular group pe...

Feb 04, 2023

The team at Netlify, the modern web development platform, has announced its acquisition of Gatsby Inc., provider of a cloud platform for web delivery and content orchestration, and creators of the ope...

Feb 02, 2023

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