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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (09.28.2021)


Latest PECL Releases:ps 1.4.3 return to PHP 3.0.1 License readd support for gd add license file gRPC 1.41.0 - gRPC Core 1.41.0 update zip 1.19.5 - Fix #81420 ZipArchive::extractTo extracts outside of destination (CVE-2021-21706) (cmb) teds 0.4.1 * Fix computation of next power of 2 for sizes of `2 ** 32` or larger. teds 0.4.0 * Backwards incompatible change: Change `Deque` APIs to be consistent with SplDoublyLinkedList and `array_push`: change pushBack/popBack/pushFront/popFront to push/pop/unshift/shift * Backwards incompatible change: Remove `$preserve_keys` flag from `Vector::__construct` (Always reindex keys in order of iteration instead). * Add isEmpty() method to datastructures * Make exceeding the capacity limit for a vector a fatal error. * Make Deque::push() and unshift() variadic. ps 1.4.2 added support for php8 event 3.0.6 Fixed tests for the builds in debug mode where libevent complained about STDIN and STDOUT being not set to non-blocking mode Fixed build with OpenSSL 3.0 (Thanks to Remi Collet). json_post 1.1.0 * Fix gh-issue #3: * Add json_post.onerror.response INI entry, specifying whether and which response code to send when `json_decode` fails. * Add json_post.onerror.exit INI entry, specifying whether to exit PHP without running the script when `json_decode` fails. * Add json_post.onerror.warning INI entry, specifying whether to raise a WARNING when `json_decode` fails. gRPC 1.41.0RC2 - gRPC Core 1.41.0 update datadog_trace 0.65.1 ### Fixed - Prevent flushing traces of requests without actual PHP code #1327 eio 3.0.0RC4 Fixed deprecated calls on PHP 8.1 (thanks to Remi Collet).

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