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Is Mathematics Crucial as a Software Developer?


Mathematics has been seen as a universal skill that every industry can benefit from, but how crucial is it exactly when put into practice? Software developers may seem like a highly technical field in which math skills will come in handy, but the truth is that while it can be beneficial, it isn't highly necessary. However, it also depends on which facet of software development you are talking about. When it comes to networking or performance, maths may not be high on the list of necessary skills, but if the developer is focused on creating algorithms and trees or graph theory, it may be something that you cannot do without.  According to professionals in the field, there are certain math-heavy niches in software development that may require the use of maths such as statistics and probability, but if you'll be largely dealing with data science, it may accelerate your grasp on certain concepts as well as evaluating your data and results, but you can also use A.I. or machine learning techniques in order to bypass the need for mathematics. 

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