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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (09.27.2022)


Latest PECL Releases:phalcon 5.0.1 Full changelog can be found at: Fixed Fixed PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTTokenToken::validate() to correctly call validator methods #16115 Added Added PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTValidator::get() and PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTValidator::set() for validation data #16115 LuaSandbox 4.1.0 - Add PHP 8.2 support swoole 4.8.12 - Supports PHP-8.2 - Enhanced Event::add() support for sockets resources - Fixed incorrect error message when wrong multipart body is received - Improved HttpClient::sendfile(), support large files over 4G - Improved Server::taskWaitMulti(), support coroutine environment - Fixed incorrect error message when add timer less than 1ms - Fixed deadlock caused by writing log when disk is full phalcon 5.0.0 Full changelog can be found at: Changed Changed PhalconLoggerAdapterStream::process to open the log file, check for locks, write contents and close the stream #16072 Changed getters and setters from shorthand format to full methods #16102 Changed return types to array in PhalconAnnotationsReflection class methods #16106 Changed PhalconHtmlEscaper::attributes() to also accept an array of attributes #16108 Fixed Fixed and improved return type of object and ?object #16023 Fixed PhalconFilterValidationValidatorDigit to use only strings for ctype_* calls #16064 Fixed PhalconFlashAbstractFlash::outputMessage to return the message (implicitFlush) #16063 Fixed PhalconFilterValidationValidatorNumericality to correctly detect illegal characters within string numbers #16070 Fixed segmentation fault on Reflection of PhalconMvcModel class #16080 Fixed segmentation fault on Reflection #16096 Added Added PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTToken::validate() to validate a token's claims #16094 Added PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTToken::verify() to verify a token's signature #16094 Added PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTValidator::getErrors() to return any errors with the validation as an array #16094 gRPC 1.49.0 - gRPC Core 1.49.0 update

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