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Node.js Unit Testing Automation With Drone CI Using Mocha Framework


Unit testing is an essential practice of any software development lifecycle and can't be avoided. In today's modern cloud-native space, automating the testing part is in high demand with so many available platforms and tools. This automation of testing can be done through the continuous integration process. Continuous integration forms an essential method in the DevOps wonderland. It is a process that helps developers test and build their code to make sure nothing is breaking and can be confidently integrated into the main branch with a simple approval by an approver. The continuous integration process can be seamlessly automated with Drone CI to test, build, and give confidence to your developers. With continuous integration, developers can save a lot of time on manual testing and focus their valuable time on building rich features that their customers need. Today, we will see how to do continuous integration using Drone CI, taking a simple Node.js application and Mocha as our unit testing framework. Prerequisites Download and install Node.js from the official website

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