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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.25.2022)


Latest PECL Releases:phalcon 5.0.5 Full changelog can be found at: Fixed Fixed PhalconConfigConfig::setData to pass the insensitive flag to child objects #16171 Fixed PhalconConfigAdapterGroupped::__construct to pass the insensitive flag to child objects #16171 Fixed PhalconSessionManager::setName, removing the regex check for the name for custom adapters to work with create_sid() #16170 Fixed PdoResult::fetchAll when passed class name in 2nd argument #16177 Fixed FormsForm::label to accept an array as a default variable #16180 parallel 1.2.0 - Add support for PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 - Drop support for PHP 7 teds 1.2.7 * Fix an edge case in Tedsstrict_hash for arrays with reference cycles. '$x === $y' should now always imply that Tedsstrict_hash($x) === Tedsstrict_hash($y) mongodb 1.14.2 ** Bug * [PHPC-2152] - CheckResolv.m4 fails to link libresolv when detecting res_nsearch ** Task * [PHPC-2157] - Upgrade libmongoc to 1.22.2 simdjson 4.0.0 * Make the `SIMDJSON_ERR_*` constants case-sensitive in all PHP versions. (The code it was based on was missing the flag needed to mark constants as case sensitive before PHP 8) * Fix a bug that prevented using JSON pointer in `simdjson_key_count`, `simdjson_key_exists`, and `simdjson_key_value` with a leading slash This bug was introduced when working around test failures following a change in json pointer validation in the underlying C simdjson library. "" in a JSON pointer continues to refer to the entire document. "/" in a JSON pointer now properly refers to the key that is the empty string. Continue to allow the non-standard omission of the leading "/" for compatibility with earlier PECL releases. This may be deprecated in a subsequent release. protobuf 3.21.8 * See for release notes.

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