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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.08.2022)


Latest PECL Releases:igbinary 3.2.12 * Fix symbol error seen in php 8.2.0 loading zend_class_unserialize_deny, due to failing to load a header defining a macro. swoole 5.0.1 * Supported PHP-8.2 * Improved coroutine exception handling, compatible with ext-soap * Fixed parameter compatibility of Coroutine::printBackTrace() and debug_print_backtrace() * Added pgsql coroutine client LOB supports * Fixed Event::add() support for sockets resources * Fixed compile error when no zlib * Improved websocket client, upgrade header contains websocket instead of equal * Optimized http client, disable keep-alive when server sends connection close * Optimized http client, prohibit adding the Accept-Encoding header without compression library - Improved debug info, set password as sensitive parameter under PHP-8.2 - Fixed crash when unpack server task parsed to an unexpected string - Enhanced Server::taskWaitMulti(), no blocking in coroutine environment - Fixed the problem that adding a timer less than 1ms is forced to 0 - Fixed crash when using table::getMemorySize() before add columns - Optimized log function, no longer print screen when writing to the log file fails igbinary 3.2.11 * Fix a bug that could prevent objects/arrays with reference cycles from being properly garbage collected. * Fix bugs in unserializing PHP references to values found in php 7.4 typed properties (#363) igbinary 3.2.10 * Add a macro that callers can use to check if igbinary will accept the header for data being unserialized. * Fix bug preventing the unserialization of data containing representations of strings larger than 4GB. xhprof 2.3.8 - fix segmentation fault #72 win32service 1.0.2 * Rewrite some code (espectaly if/else instruction). * Add more detail in exception message. * Fix recovery settings error (issue [#71]( The binary is also available here: datadog_trace 0.81.1 #### Fixed - Fix span limiter not being reset in long running processes #1785 datadog_trace 0.81.0 ### Added - Rate limiting support #1769 - Add span stacks #1746 Changed Stop collecting IP on tracer #1774 Amend wording when uninstalling datadog #1756 Fixed Guzzle Integration not initialized correctly #1762. Do not create root spans for certain Symfony methods #1771. Thanks, @radykal-com! ldconfig not found by installer #1773 Fix crash in ddtrace_curl_multi_get_gc #1779 Internal changes Fix in-tree compilation #1760 Reusability of zai config across products #1765 Avoid deprecated zend_atol on PHP 8.2 #1778 Profiling (v0.10.2) Fixed Prevent deadlocks when forking #1752 Fix linking on arm64 mac #1759 Application Security Monitoring (v0.4.4) Added Generate ip and duplicate ip headers on appsec DataDog/dd-appsec-php#141 timezonedb 2022.6 Updated to version 2022.6 (2022f) phalcon 5.1.0 Full changelog can be found at: Fixed Fixed PhalconMvcViewEngineVoltCompiler::isTagFactory to correctly detect a TagFactory object without throwing an error #16097 Fixed default values for PhalconCli, PhalconDispatcher and PhalconApplication components to ensure not null values are passed to methods #16186 Fixed PhalconForm::clear to correctly clear the elements and not recurse #15956 Added Added PhalconHttpRequest::getPatch() to get a value from a PATCH request #16188 Added PhalconHttpRequest::getFilteredPatch() to get a value filtered from a PATCH request #16188 Added PhalconHttpRequest::hasPatch() to check if a value exist in a PATCH request #16188

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