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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.24.2023)


Latest PECL Releases:gRPC 1.52.0RC1 - gRPC Core 1.52.0 update zstd 0.12.1 - Fixed build error in windows couchbase 4.1.0 * PCBC-824: implement replica reads * PCBC-630: implement legacy durability for mutations * PCBC-880 support for configuration profiles * PCBC-889 'Skip' SearchOption has no effect * Bug fixes, logger and build improvements datadog_trace 0.83.1 ### Fixed - Use the HttpWorker instead of the Psr7Worker for Roadrunner for more generic usage #1864 - Fix trace_id reset in DDTraceset_distributed_tracing_context() #1863 - Work around broken enum functions run_time_cache on PHP 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 #1862

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