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GraphQL, JavaScript, Preprocessor, SQL, and More in Manifold


We reached the final installment of our Manifold series but not the end of its remarkable capabilities. Throughout this series, we have delved into various aspects of Manifold, highlighting its unique features and showcasing how it enhances Java development. In this article, we will cover some of the remaining features of Manifold, including its support for GraphQL, integration with JavaScript, and the utilization of a preprocessor. By summarizing these features and reflecting on the knowledge gained throughout the series, I hope to demonstrate the power and versatility of Manifold. Expanding Horizons With GraphQL Support GraphQL, a relatively young technology, has emerged as an alternative to REST APIs. It introduced a specification for requesting and manipulating data between client and server, offering an arguably more efficient and streamlined approach. However, GraphQL can pose challenges for static languages like Java.

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