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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (08.29.2023)


Latest PECL Releases:gRPC 1.58.0RC1 - gRPC Core 1.58.0 update zephir_parser 1.6.0 ### Added - Enabled support of PHP8.3 for PECL [#141]( ecma_intl 0.1.1 Fix: remove package.xml from manifest to avoid md5 checksum errors when installing via pecl. ecma_intl 0.1.0 Initial release with initial functionality ported from ECMA-402: EcmaIntl static class with static methods getCanonicalLocales() and supportedValuesOf() EcmaIntlCategory enum to pass to Intl::supportedValuesOf() EcmaIntlLocale to represent Unicode locales EcmaIntlLocaleOptions for manipulating locales when creating instances of EcmaIntlLocale EcmaIntlLocaleTextInfo and EcmaIntlLocaleCharacterDirection for conveying typesetting information for the locale EcmaIntlLocaleWeekInfo and EcmaIntlLocaleWeekDay for conveying calendar information for the locale protobuf 3.24.2 * See for release notes. skywalking_agent 0.6.0 ## What's Changed * Polish doc about Swoole by @wu-sheng in * Start 0.6.0 development. by @jmjoy in * Fix hook for Doctrine PDO class by @matikij in * Log Exception in tracing span when throw. by @jmjoy in * Upgrade dependencies and adapt. by @jmjoy in * Fix required rust version and add runing php-fpm notice in docs. by @jmjoy in * Bump openssl from 0.10.48 to 0.10.55 by @dependabot in * Fix the situation where the redis port is string. by @jmjoy in * Optionally enable zend observer api for auto instrumentation. by @jmjoy in * Fix the empty span situation in redis after hook. by @jmjoy in * Add mongodb pluhgin. by @jmjoy in * Update rust nightly toolchain in CI and format. by @jmjoy in * Add notice document for `skywalking_agent.enable`. by @jmjoy in * Upgrade dependencies. by @jmjoy in * Fix docs by @heyanlong in * Add kafka reporter. by @jmjoy in * Release SkyWalking PHP Agent 0.6.0 by @jmjoy in New Contributors @matikij made their first contribution in Full Changelog: zip 1.22.2 - add ZipArchive::LENGTH_TO_END and ZipArchive::LENGTH_UNCHECKED constants with libzip 1.10.1 - use typed constants in 8.3

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