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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.03.2023)


Latest PECL Releases:datadog_trace 0.92.1 ## Tracer Fixed Handle UnwindExit in sandbox error reporting #2288 Add a safeguard nullcheck for the sidecar into telemetry reporting #2293 Profiling Fixed Do not leak module entry on purpose #2291 Fix allocation profiling shutdown with USE_ZEND_ALLOC=0 crashing #2294 Application Security Management (0.14.1) Fixed Improve tracer state detection DataDog/dd-appsec-php#305 Fix setting perdir INI setting for multiple ZAI config users #2277 pecl_http 4.2.4 * Fix Error using ssl array in options : Could not set option tlsauthtype (see gh issue #131) * Fix arginfo wargnings of the internal curl client user handler * Disable libidn support for v1.36-v1.38 due to broken locale detection swoole 5.1.0 - Support pdo_pgsql coroutine hook - Support pdo_odbc coroutine hook - Support pdo_oci coroutine hook - Support pdo_sqlite coroutine hook - Add configuration for PDO connection pools for pdo_pgsql, pdo_odbc, pdo_oci, pdo_sqlite - Improved performance of HttpServer, can increase up to 60% in extreme cases - Fixed the memory leak caused by each request of the WebSocket coroutine client - Fixed the issue where graceful shutdown of the HTTP coroutine server was not causing the client to exit - Fixed the issue where adding the --enable-thread-context option during compilation was causing Process::signal() to not work - Fixed the issue where the connection count was being calculated incorrectly when a process exited abnormally in SWOOLE_BASE mode - Fixed the incorrect signature of the stream_select() function - Fixed the case sensitivity issue with the MIME information in files - Fixed the spelling mistake in Http2Request::$usePipelineRead, which was causing a warning to be thrown in PHP 8.2 environment - Fixed the memory leak issue in SWOOLE_BASE mode - Fixed the memory leak issue caused by setting the expiration time of a cookie in HttpResponse::cookie() - Fixed the connection leak issue in SWOOLE_BASE mode - Fixed the function signature issue of php_url_encode in Swoole under PHP 8.3 - Fixed the issue with unit testing options - Optimized and refactored the code - Fix compatibility with PHP 8.3 skywalking_agent 0.7.0 ## What's Changed * Start 0.7.0 development. by @jmjoy in * Add more info for error log. by @jmjoy in * Fix amqplib and predis argument problems. by @jmjoy in * Add Memcache plugin. by @jmjoy in * Refactor mysqli plugin, support procedural api. by @jmjoy in * Fix target address in cross process header. by @jmjoy in * Release SkyWalking PHP 0.7.0 by @jmjoy in Full Changelog: gRPC 1.59.0RC1 - gRPC Core 1.59.0 update datadog_trace 0.92.0 This release adds experimental exception profiling to the profiler. This is off by default. Enable it with the environment variable DD_PROFILING_EXPERIMENTAL_EXCEPTION_ENABLED=1 or INI setting datadog.profiling.experimental_exception_enabled=1. In Application Security Management, this release introduces the latest version of the WAF v1.14.0 and the latest ASM ruleset v1.8.0, as well as a fix to ensure runtime IDs reported by the remote configuration client are always valid and consistent with those reported by the Tracer. Tracer Added Add Drupal Integration #2188 Implement sidecar tracing #2234 This functionality is currently experimental and guarded behind a configuration option DD_TRACE_SIDECAR_TRACE_SENDER=1 or INI setting datadog.trace.sidecar_trace_sender=1. It replaces the sending of traces through a dedicated thread. Fixed Do not emit a deprecated diagnostic for DD_LOGS_INJECTION #2253 Set peer.service as dddbs when available #2260 Fix toggling datadog.trace.enabled with perdir configuration #2269 Enable auto flush for artisan commands #2270 Internal changes Keep doctrine/dbal to major version 2 in symfony 5.2 tests #2254 docs: Explain minimum and nice-to-have from LLVM #2264 Profiling Added Add exception profiling #2197, #2262 Do not disable allocation profiling on fixed PHP versions with active JIT #2246 Fixed Add missing end_timestamp_ns to string compilation event #2251 store customized heap #2261 remove ?BETA? in datadog-setup.php as the profiler is not beta anymore #2278 use-after-free with Closure trampolines #2280 Internal changes add tests for timeline #2192 Application Security Management (0.14.0) Added Add default processors and scanners DataDog/dd-appsec-php#298 Exchange more types between extension and helper DataDog/dd-appsec-php#299 API security configuration settings DataDog/dd-appsec-php#300 Fixed Propagate Runtime IDs and keep a valid pool in the RC client DataDog/dd-appsec-php#301 Internal changes Add nginx container to integration tests DataDog/dd-appsec-php#294 Upgrade WAF to 1.14.0 DataDog/dd-appsec-php#295 Upgrade tracer to v0.91.0 and remove master build downloads DataDog/dd-appsec-php#296 Upgrade ruleset to 1.8.0 DataDog/dd-appsec-php#302 Merge appsec repository as subtree #2267 rpminfo 0.7.0 - add optional operator to rpmcmpver for consistency with version_compare - drop support for PHP 7

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