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5 Tools to Help Web Developers Work More Efficiently


Chances are good you’re wasting time at work. A 2014 study by CareerBuilder found smartphone usage, browsing the Internet, using social media, and responding to email were all major factors in decreasing employee productivity. Nearly 70 percent of employees waste at least some time at work daily, with nearly a third wasting at least an hour a day on non-work-related tasks, according to a 2014 survey by For Web developers with looming deadlines, intelligent tech tools can help them avoid late nights and finish useful products that work better the first time around. From workflow management to improved communication with various team members across projects, here are five tools Web developers can use to work more efficiently. 1. Cloud Storage Forget having to wade through multiple email chains to retrieve the information you need to complete a project. Cloud storage helps you organize everything you’re working on in an elegant dashboard, allowing you to communicate with team members about the details and access materials from desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. If you’ve ever lost a thumb drive containing what you were working on and know the pain of having to start from scratch, you know how essential backup is, […]* You might also be interested in the following articlesActive Collab: Project Management Made SimpleAssembla: Manage Web Development Projects Easily24+ Best Apps for Graphic Design FreelancersStack: New Kanban Boards Task- and Projectmanager by BugherdLightCMS: A Hosted Solution For Creating WebsitesPantheon: The Next Dimension of WordPress and Drupal Hosting and…

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