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ECMAScript Decorators: The Ones That Are Real


In 2015, ECMAScript 6 was introduced -- a significant release of the JavaScript language. This release introduced many new features, such as const/let, arrow functions, classes, etc. Most of these features were aimed at eliminating JavaScript's quirks. For this reason, all these features were labeled as "Harmony." Some sources say that the entire ECMAScript 6 is called "ECMAScript Harmony." In addition to these features, the "Harmony" label highlights other features expected to become part of the specification soon. Decorators are one of such anticipated features. Nearly ten years have passed since the first mentions of decorators. The decorators' specification has been rewritten several times, almost from scratch, but they have not become part of the specification yet. As JavaScript has long extended beyond just browser-based applications, authors of specifications must consider a wide range of platforms where JavaScript can be executed. This is precisely why progressing to stage 3 for this proposal has taken so much time.

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