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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.28.2023)


Latest PECL Releases:swoole 5.1.1 - Fixed memory leak issue in HTTP coroutine client Fixed the issue of can not hook pdo_odbc Fixed the error in executing socket_import_stream() Fixed the issue with Context::parse_multipart_data() unable to handle empty request body Fixed the issue with PostgreSQL coroutine client where the parameters are not working Fixed the bug where curl crashes during destruction Fixed the compatibility issue between Swoole 5.x and the latest version of xdebug Fixed the problem of class not found error caused by coroutine switching during the process of class autoloading Fixed the issue of not being able to compile Swoole on OpenBSD pspell 1.0.1 - Fixed version (don't use PHP version) and tests. pspell 1.0.0 - Initial import after extraction from PHP core distribution. pledge 2.1.2 - rename ini settings pledge 2.1.1 - set the ini values on runtime init, so we use set them with php_admin_value in fpm config datadog_trace 0.94.0 This release adds support to OpenTelemetry so that you can use the OpenTelemetry API to generate Datadog spans. This is off by default. Enable it with the environment variable `DD_TRACE_OTEL_ENABLED=1` or INI setting `datadog.trace.otel_enabled=1. Also, the tracer now generates 128 bits trace ids by default, in an effort to match OpenTelemetry standards. Tracer Added Set _dd.base_service when overriding service name for a span #2275 OpenTelemetry API #2332 Add tracing for curl_multi_exec() #2347 CakePHP http.route implementation #2360 Changed Enable 128-bit trace ID generation by default #2358, #2368 Respect DD_LOGS_INJECTION default value #2365 Completely avoid instrumenting the PSR NullLogger #2367 Inject the _dd.dbm_trace_injected tag only when full propagation is enabled #2346 Retain tracestate from tracecontext if extracted at all #2359 Fixed Handle extra arguments for internal overrideArgs #2348 Fix possible double-free with hooks on internal methods inherited by user classes #2372 Fix crash with functions with no run_time_cache yet #2373 Workaround php bug #81634 in PHP 8.0-8.1.0 #2353 Fix PHP5: The Magento Integration is not part of PHP5 #2363 Fix orphans removal when 128-bit is enabled #2366 Use _dd.agent_psr instead of _dd.rule_psr for agent sampling #2370 Internal changes Add xfail for Zend/tests/stack_limit/stack_limit_013.phpt on PHP 8.3 #2371 Profiling Added Add idle phases to timeline #2343 Fixed perf: increase allocation sampling distance #2350, #2364 Internal changes add DD_PROFILING_WALLTIME_ENABLED for testing #2316

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