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Best JavaScript Chart Libraries 2024: Finding the Right Fit for Your JS Applications


As the new year approaches, I'd like to review the landscape for JavaScript Chart libraries in 2024. Javascript is a popular language used by millions of applications worldwide. There are many Javascript chart libraries available, and choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. "Best" is a subjective term, so we're going to explore which selection criteria to apply for your specific needs, whether that's ease of use, big data, complexity, or simplicity. A Brief Overview of the JavaScript Chart Library Landscape in 2024 Searching on npm.js for 'Chart' yields 6,000 packages. The most popular appear at the top of the search, which includes chart.js with almost 2 million downloads per week, recharts; a popular react JS chart library, d3.js; a popular (but complex) raw SVG data-visualization library, ApexCharts, Plotly, SciChart and more.

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