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Introducing SciChart-React: An OSS Library for React Charts With SciChart.js


In this blog post, we introduce a brand new open-source library called scichart-react (npm, GitHub). This makes it easy to create stunning high-performance charts and data visualizations in React. The official SciChart / React package solves the problem of the component lifecycle with SciChart.js and avoids common pitfalls when creating charts in React. Code examples are given below of how to create React Charts, as well as where to find further information about this new React chart component. Why Choose React JS for Chart Creation? React JS has become the preferred choice for enterprises seeking robust and efficient application development, largely due to its component-based architecture, high performance, and rich ecosystem. Unlike other frameworks like Angular, React stands out for its virtual DOM, which ensures faster rendering and smooth handling of complex, data-intensive visualizations. Its modular nature allows for the creation of reusable, maintainable chart components, streamlining development and scalability. Additionally, React's vast library of tools and strong community support offers a wealth of resources, making it more adaptable to various charting requirements. The combination of flexibility, efficient data handling, and cross-platform compatibility positions React as a dominant force in the realm of enterprise-level data visualization, outpacing competitors in terms of performance and versatility.

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