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Rust Programming Language: A Beginner's Guide


In our workplace, we took on a challenge as front-end developers to delve into Rust and explore how we can create web applications. The initial step was familiarizing ourselves with the language's fundamentals by studying the documentation. Upon initiating my study of Rust, I recognized similarities between Rust and JS/TS, drawing these was important for me to facilitate a more intuitive understanding. I wanted to share my learning path, writing this article outlining my exploration of Rust from the perspective of a front-end developer. The Rust programming language was originally developed by Mozilla for Firefox, and it is also used in major companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Notable projects like Dropbox, npm, GitHub, and Deno leverage Rust too. Also, the compiler of Next.js "Turbopack" has contributed to a remarkable 94.7% increase in speed in Next.js version 14.

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