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TypeScript Might Not Be Your God: Case Study of Migration From TS to JSDoc


"We will soon migrate to TypeScript, and then. . . " How often do you hear this phrase? Perhaps, if you mainly work within a single project or mostly just start new projects from scratch, this is a relatively rare expression for you to hear. For me, as someone working in an outsourcing company, who, in addition to my main project, sees dozens of various other projects every month, it is a quite common phrase from the development team or a client who would like to upgrade their project stack for easier team collaboration. Spoiler alert: it is probably not going to be as soon of a transition as you think (most likely, never). While it may sound drastic, in most cases, this will indeed be the case. Most people who have not undergone such a transition may not be aware of the dozens of nuances that can arise during a project migration to TypeScript. For instance, are you prepared for the possibility that your project build, which took tens of seconds in pure JavaScript, might suddenly start taking tens of minutes when using TypeScript? Of course, it depends on your project's size, your pipeline configuration, etc., but these scenarios are not fabricated. You, as a developer, might be prepared for this inevitability, but what will your client think when you tell them that the budget for the server instance needs to be increased because the project build is now failing due to a heap out-of-memory error after adding TypeScript to the project? Yes, TypeScript, like any other tool, is not free.

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