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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.30.2024)


Latest PECL Releases:opentelemetry 1.0.1beta2 opentelemetry 1.0.1beta2 * Fix exception raised by php_error_docref that hangs the process in hook (#127) * clang format (#126) * Fix build warnings (#125) zstd 0.13.3 - fix: incompatible pointer types (32-bit) event 3.1.3 EventDnsBase::__construct() now throws a TypeError if the type of the $initialize argument is anything other than int or bool. protobuf 4.26.0RC1 * See for release notes. dio 0.3.0RC1 - drop support for PHP 5 and 7 - add type hinting - raise TypeError and ValueError for unexpected parameters opentelemetry 1.0.1beta1 opentelemetry 1.0.1beta1 * Fix modifying extra parameters, limit parameter expansion (#120) * Fix crash by unregistering INI in MSHUTDOWN instead of RSHUTDOWN (#122) * Support modifying named params (#121) * adding test for post hook type error (#119) * Isolate exception state for hooks (#118) * Update to point issues to the main repository (#117) * Include PHP 8.3 in build matrix (#112) * Build images whenever the actions definition changes (#115) * adding php 8.3 dev image (#113) * document SourceGuardian incompatibility (#111) * create draft release on tag, publish windows and pecl builds (#109) * adding test for post hooks after die/exit (#110) * add pear to build (#108) event 3.1.2 Fixed an issue in EventDnsBase::__construct() where it failed to accept the init flag set to true when using libevent version < 2.1.0.

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