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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (04.23.2024)


Latest PECL Releases:protobuf 4.27.0RC1 * See for release notes. datadog_trace 1.0.0beta1 This beta release contains all breaking changes planned for dd-trace-php 1.0. An upgrade guide can be found at Tracer Added Add --ini and --extension-dir installation option #2620 CodeIgniter 3 Compatibility #2515 Add CakePHP 3+ Support #2618 Changed Cleanup deferred loader and remove some PHP 5 compat code #2527 Change DD_TRACE_SAMPLING_RULES_FORMAT default from regex to glob #2534 Raise API errors instead of debug logs when wrong arguments are passed #2542 Change WordPress Default Behavior #2525 [OTel] Only set resource info on root spans #2558 Remove early code execution and use an autoloader instead #2530 Remove deprecated configuration keys or APIs #2574 Drop Configuration classes from API #2596 Fixed Elasticsearch: Hook not being removed #2616 Fix shared compilation on macOS Fix host Scopes not being removed #2624 Add note about update_span_duration semantics #2622 Internal Use a global version and change installer tests to use the version #2537 Clean PHP 5 checks #2584 Collect 'logs_created' internal metric #2604 Make the root Makefile macOS compatible #2614 Add stats reporting for sidecar and telemetry #2621 Clean Integration configuration #2598 Re-added spans_created telemetry metric Datadog/libdatadog#391 Application Security Management Fixed Disable Appsec when FrankenPHP SAPI is detected #2617

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