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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.14.2024)


Latest PECL Releases:mongodb 1.19.0 Release 1.19.0 Prepare 1.18.1 release by @alcaeus in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in Disable fail-fast for Windows Tests by @alcaeus in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in PHPC-1674: Automate Driver Releases by @alcaeus in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in PHPC-2373 and PHPC-2374: Upgrade libmongoc 1.27.0 and libmongocrypt 1.10.0 by @jmikola in PHPC-2378: Update libmongoc to 1.27.1 by @jmikola in PHPC-2255: Add database name to CommandFailedEvent and CommandSucceededEvent by @jmikola in Enable auto-merge in merge-up workflow by @alcaeus in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in PHPC-1584: Sign releases by @alcaeus in Merge v1.18 into master by @mongodb-php-bot in PHPC-2373: Include uthash in PECL package by @jmikola in Full Changelog: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEYB1UFjBzGnj7D2hrJubQdPEfzfsFAmZCIRkACgkQJubQdPEf zftwEw/9HoQ0r2k4WRsq4MukKc6YXdf865u2Vc7tcCw9utx8D9qoqWf2vi9816wB 2om7f78tYRVSuSabw70rmZQ+unndHRUX8WojSbrE8dJj5LzPN9z9aIjXrruKTtUr 4BnY2eDG7b4L9Czno4qrY7N+imTd6FjLXKxW1vwjUatnpuRoQDl8GhIKbtgZ0gRc oSVgqkaLY+TTd3H0LOxL4ejS7fB61RutoEanXtCygTbfJC9xuvI/4UvUXHfw8VOx yQ7yee1gmb8lRDKt/3nwupHbiTfc9jdD7eHg//KV7zn9DW/e72dGrSCw8tTXRrS0 X/Ghgw8EwevwBbSCV3ZHSE8VTDS/XWBQs7Q8MbWF4d7YV0vSU6IjNWvyWee4Z/yE UN4WF4BxdbF4CraE2JKVKvBFNkT77ftZBTr8SqOu9d+Fx0r742cOxslkSoUoSpS5 yMvlKRDjsiquuGRmP61Nje627BSLtG0x2+IgvczvifmSWsLADuCs8INJv0u2eZuM DLYxx/OasBu7Dg51hZbHAwBFDoHl1icRvTWTnAZVhSP61ZJEHgjzlJbBIlvPDogx HOUvN7G3zOO58ULOo6okqpmwDwd4aKRFsZ4LiQkxSF89wFuIoWn1HY+0xxu1fbqY eFLJHZufvzTVtxGw+kEdFBIAX5/nK/3MZJtBF1gEhmprKiqf6aE= =+vre -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- swoole 5.1.2 - Added support for embed sapi @matyhtf - Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.3 ZEND_CHECK_STACK_LIMIT @Yurunsoft - Fixed no Content-Range response header when the range request returns all the contents of the file @Yurunsoft - Optimized HTTP server performance @NathanFreeman - Fixed truncated cookie @stnguyen90 - Fixed native-curl crash on PHP 8.3 @NathanFreeman - Added CLOSE_SERVICE_RESTART, CLOSE_TRY_AGAIN_LATER, CLOSE_BAD_GATEWAY as valid close reasons for websocket @cjavad - Fixed invalid errno after Server::Manager::wait() @JacobBrownAustin - Fixed HTTP2 Typo @leocavalcante protobuf 4.27.0RC2 * See for release notes.

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