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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (06.18.2024)


Latest PECL Releases:mongodb 1.19.3 ## What's Changed PHPC-2380: Add SBOM file and tooling to update it by @alcaeus in PHPC-2384, PHPC-2399, PHPC-2400: Publish SSDLC assets on release by @alcaeus in Manually merge up version bump commits by @alcaeus in Full Changelog: awscrt 1.2.6 pick up release from upstreams awscrt 1.2.4 fix deprecated use of ${var} awscrt 1.2.5 Remove crypto.c function krb5 1.2.2 - [FEATURE] Implement channel bindings support - [API] Allow passing null channel binding in NegotiateAuth (1.2.1) - [PACKAGING] Fix PECL packaging (missing channel.c) and raise minimum version (1.2.2)

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