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High Speed: Really Accelerate WordPress Websites [#3]


ghIn this series, we talk about the things that really accelerate WordPress websites. The goal is not to achieve the infamous 100/100 points on Google Page Speed, as these mentioned aspects often leave a lot of potential behind. We want to get as much speed out of the website as possible and dig into the millisecond area when it comes to loading times. We’ve already laid the foundation in the first and the second part. Turning Off WordPress Performance Eaters If you want to get lots of speed out of your WordPress, you should shut down a couple of features of the content management system. WordPress is not really one of the fastest of its kind. Many things have been put into the core, even though they are not thought out, and slow down the CMS more than necessary. That may be unfortunate, but you don’t have to live with it. 1 – WordPress Heartbeat API The Heartbeat API controls all Ajax calls within WordPress. On top of that, it’s also responsible for the caching while writing an article in the backend. However, it does that very regularly, like a human’s heartbeat. These frequent calls to the server heavily burden the […]

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