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CSS: The Perfect Print Stylesheet


Even today, there are still many people that want to print out the entire internet. This can have many reasons. Maybe a team seeks to discuss an article’s content in a meeting. Or maybe somebody wants to read your article somewhere where they don’t have an internet connection. To satisfy these people, each website requires a CSS file for printing. Even today, many people print plenty of articles to read them offline. If you don’t want to lose readers, you should provide options for these visitors. However, there are two hazards on the way to printing. First: today, there are barely any WordPress themes that come with a print stylesheet. The theme developers don’t put an effort in that, even though, for me, developing a print CSS is common courtesy. Second: as no print stylesheet is available, the ultimate consumer that uses the theme doesn’t have access to a print button. Thus, in this article, I’ll show you how to create a print CSS, how it should be integrated into the theme, and how to create a print button. Creating the Optimal Print Stylesheet First, create an empty CSS file with a pure text or HTML editor. Name it print.css. […]

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