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Better Safe Than Sorry: Why HTTPS Makes Sense for Your Website


Until now, safe TLS connections for websites were only obligatory when personal data was transferred. This is the case for online banking, shops or social networks, for example. But this is supposed to change. Google plays a significant role due to its initiative “HTTPS everywhere”, forcing safe connections to become the standard for all websites. Open Networks For most websites, there was no necessity to deliver them via HTTPS. News pages, business and organization websites all worked fine without encrypted transfer. Simple contact forms were usually transferred without encryption as well. However, everyone needs to be aware that, without a safe connection, the transferred data can be read by third parties, which is a major problem in open networks. Due to the growing importance of the mobile web, we and our smartphones and tablets are in open WiFi networks ever more often. This also increases the risk of the communication with the websites you visit being captured. Thus, it makes sense to generally use a safe HTTPS connection, even when no personal data is transferred, for the sake of your own privacy. Google forces HTTPS Google and its campaign “HTTPS everywhere” are a major reason as to why safe connections […]

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