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MapSVG: Vector-Based Maps for jQuery and WordPress


Maps are always needed, either for the visual extension of statistics or for the display of location. MapSVG is a service that allows you to easily integrate vector-based, interactive maps in SVG format into your website. MapSVG is available as a plugin for both jQuery and WordPress. State Maps Including Divisions MapSVG gives you access to far more than 100 different maps. Among them are not all, but most countries of the world. Aside from the countries themselves, the maps also display a nation’s subdivisions. On the map of the US, you’ll also find the individual states, and on the French one, you can see the different regions. Example: How to Use the Maps Additionally, there are two world maps with all nations included; one with detailed borders, and one with rather roughly drawn borders. An interactive preview with countries or regions that you can click to receive information on the name, and the official ISO-3166-Code, is also provided for each map. On top of that, there are a couple of examples for each map, showing you how it could be applied. Using MapSVG in WordPress As MapSVG is a commercial service, the free version is restricted to a few […]

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