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You, the Font Designer - with Prototypo


Did you know that there is one web-based software that allows you to create your very own font? And did you know that it is easier to use than whatever easy-to-use item you could come up with? I ain’t lying. The web app I am talking about is Prototypo. And it’s fun. Say Goodbye to Comic Sans I well remember the days of Comic Sans, and if you are living in carpet land, you will still suffer from the impact of that ubiquitous typeface on a daily basis. Powerpoint, I can smell you. Out of carpet land, the importance of Comic Sans has steadily decreased over the years, and that’s a good thing. Today, web and graphic designers alike are faced with a variety of choices from larger and smaller type foundries around the globe. Google Fonts alone comes with hundreds of free fonts to choose from. But still, with all the choices available, are we in paradise yet? Not really, as not only the free and paid font repositories grow fast. The need for fresh fonts grows even more quickly. And who wants to have his design look like that of the company around the corner? Despite the plethora […]

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