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WordPress: How to Enhance the Visual Editor With Custom Formats


Would you like to use custom formats in the visual writing editor of WordPress? Good idea, as adding styles gets you a lot of advantages. You can use your elements without having to change into the text mode. Thus, in this article, we’ll show you how to extend the editor with custom formats. The visual editor of WordPress is a neat thing. The most important formattings can be removed with a single click. You can enrich and structure your articles with elements. However, it ‘d be good if the editor had a few more functions. There certainly are a lot of plugins on the market that extend the editor with shortcodes. But do you really need them all? Or are a few elements like pretty buttons, for example, enough? This wouldn’t slow your website down unnecessarily. Of course, you can already switch into the text mode at any time to add your formatting. But user friendliness looks different. WordPress: Adding Own Styles to the Visual Editor Without a Plugin Using own styles also means that we have to touch WordPress files. The additional code that we will create in a bit either goes into the functions.php of the active theme […]

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