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Community News: PHP-FIG PSR Update


The PHP-FIG group, the ones responsible for the standards that helped to make Composer a real possibility (PSR-0 and PSR-4) have posted a general update of the various PSRs that are currently in progress and a brief summary of the status on each. Hello everyone, we (the secretaries) decided it was time to post a status update for the PSR which are pending, as a way to update you members and the whole community on our work, and also to start discussion around some PSR that need a little more participation. Current PSRs in the list include: PSR-5: PHP docblock recommendations PSR-12: Coding style guidelines PSR-17: HTTP factories PST-19: Streams/Async processing If you would like to participate in the working group for any of the items listed in the full post, reply to it and the group will get back with you shortly.

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