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Paul Jones: Atlas 3.x ("Cassini") and PHPStorm Completion


Paul Jones has a new post to his site showing how, on an ORM library he's been working on, he enhanced it to make PHPStorm autocompletion work better. I'm proud to announce the release of Atlas.Orm 3.0.0-beta1, along with releases of the supporting Mapper, Table, Pdo packages. (Atlas is a data-mapper for your persistence model, not your domain model, in PHP.) The goal for this release round was "better IDE return typehinting support" and I am happy to say that it has been a great success, though it did take some substantial renaming of classes. He starts by talking about some of his thoughts and usage of IDEs and, while he's not a heavy user, he understands the value of auto-completion. He covers some of the common issues IDEs run into with auto-completion and places it can get confused (ex: child classes versus parents). He discovered the .phpstorm.meta.php configuration file(s) and some of the changes he made to help resolve some of the issues using it. There was one other issue, illustrated by incorrectly determined return values, and how he resolved it. The post finishes with some of his thoughts about solutions versus tradeoffs, noting that while correct auto-completion is a nice goal, it may not be the best area to focus on.

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