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Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (06.15.2018)


Popular posts from for the past week:Tomas Vortuba: How to Migrate From PHP CS Fixer to EasyCodingStandard in 6 Steps Rob Allen: Using Composer with Serverless & OpenWhisk Tomas Votruba: How to Turn Mocks from Nightmare to Solid Kiss Tests Laravel News: PHP 7.3: A Look at JSON Error Handling Send Emails in PHP Using the Swift Mailer php[architect]: June 2018 Issue Release - Command and Control Matthias Noback: Road to dependency injection Laravel News: Factory Callbacks and Closure-Based Guards in Laravel Delicious Brains: Hosting WordPress Yourself 2018 Update Joe Watkins: Preface to idbg Tomas Votruba: Collector Pattern for Dummies Laravel News: PHP 7.3: Trailing Commas in Function Calls php[architect]: Self-Host Your Team's Git With Gitolite SitePoint PHP Blog: Apache vs Nginx Performance: Optimization Techniques Ben Sampson: Creating a decent Laravel deploy script

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