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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.12.2019)


Latest PECL Releases:SeasLog 2.0.2 - Fixed issue #175 support trace_performance automatic logging. Fixed %C in log template, support Class::Action. decimal 1.3.0 - Fixed sqrt of -INF returning -INF rather than NAN. #13 - Disable opcache pass 2 due to numeric string to float casts. Thanks @krakjoe ast 1.0.1 - Fix compatibility with (currenty) PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0. - Support BINARY_COALESCE as a flag of AST_ASSIGN_OP for the `??=` operator added in PHP 7.4. - Add AST version 70 (experimental): - Version 70 adds AST_PROP_GROUP with type information for property groups. - Version 70 adds AST_CLASS_NAME for `Foo::class`. Previously this used AST_CLASS_CONST decimal 1.2.0 - Change signum of NAN returning 1, now throws RuntimeException. #10 - Change toInt of NAN and INF returning 0, now throws RuntimeException. #11 - Fix pthreads incompatibility (properly). #12 igbinary 3.0.0a1 * Drop support for PHP 5. * Drop support for APC (APC was only available for PHP5 - It is the predecessor of APCu) * Emit a warning and return null if igbinary_unserialize() is passed more data to unserialize than expected. * Fix compilation against PHP 7.4-dev. Igbinary does NOT yet properly serialize/unserialize all classes with PHP 7.4-dev's typed properties. * The serialization format is exactly the same as igbinary 2.x APCu 5.1.17 - Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0. decimal 1.1.2 Fix incompatibility with pthreads. #12 @krakjoe uopz 6.0.1 - Add "uopz.exit" configuration option, to allow the execution of exit opcodes or not (default=0 to keep current behavior) - Improve opcache optimizer compatibility - Display ini settings in module info

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